Useful tips and features

A new Information button

The information button has changed to a blue circular button, which contains three dots. By clicking this button, you can access your pass details.

How to show your barcode

If you need to show your rewards barcode at the checkout, you now need to press the new blue circular button which will display your barcode.

Track your balance

Access your current points balance and savings banked at a glance.



Everyday Rewards card in Digital Wallet



Handy tips and features


Choose ‘Automatically Select’ when you add your Everyday Rewards Card to your phone and you won't have to open Apple Wallet to tap and earn.

Have your points balance and details automatically refreshed by switching on ‘Automatic Updates’. After adding your Everyday Rewards Card to iPhone, click on the information icon (located bottom right corner) and select ‘Automatic Updates’. This allows your points balance and other details to automatically refresh. How easy is that!

To use your Rewards card at the checkout,
ensure 'Tap to Pay' is turned on in the card




Store your Rewards card, Gift Cards and Bank Cards in one secure wallet




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